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  • Victoria Goldblatt.

    Victoria Goldblatt as Evelyn “Eve” Godfrey.
    Victoria is the casting director for Stories on Stage in Sacramento. She has been performing for over 25 years doing films, commercials, and voice overs for TV and radio along with drama coaching.

    Victoria has performed for Sacramento’s Community Theater and had her own show: Cabernet Night with Victoria and Friends. She has also performed Stand Up Comedy at the Hilton Palm Springs, Clarion, and Laughs Unlimited. Victoria will be performing in an upcoming new play in October, at Sacramento's Geary Theater called “The Re-Union.” She is thrilled to be working with Dänna once again.

  • Rob Tillitz in the producer as Adam.

    Rob Tillitz as Adam Godfrey.
    Rob Tillitz grew up in Half Moon Bay, CA and was a commercial fisherman for many years before coming to Fair Oaks/Carmichael to help with the family owned neighborhood sports bar, the Cedar Room Bar cedarroombar.com

    He has appeared in over 40 films both locally and in the Bay Area, published two novels and 15 short stories, and produced two movies in which he also acted. Rob is a shutter bug. He has taken classes at It Factor studio, and edits videos from his classes and various events usually those connected with the bar or with family.

    Rob has worked with Dänna in “Little Thieves.” Rob has worked with Gerald Martin Davenport on THE GOLdEN TREE as Henry, a gold miner in 1859, Produced and acted in the WATERING hole where he plays a confused bar patron, and associate produced and acted in Petite Chardonnay where he plays a part vineyard owner.

  • Jenyn Darnell portraying Sara.

    Jenyn Darnell as Sara Godfrey.

    “Sara, you’ve missed your calling,” were Jenyn’s mother’s words as Jenyn ran down the stairs, breathless, a dish towel - bobby pinned to her head to mimic long hair. Just another re-enactment of a character she had read about, saw in a movie, or on TV.

    As a child, Jenyn loved acting. In High school, she acted in plays; in college, she minored in theater arts and dance, and performed in a modern dance group, but she never dreamed she would be in a movie, doing "real" acting until an opportunity for a part in The Producer came along.

    Jenyn auditioned for the role of "Sara" with encouragement from Writer and Producer Dänna Wilberg, and when she found out she landed the part, she was both honored and anxious; however, having a career in the field of mental health, and singing in rock/blues band has allowed Jenyn to surround herself with people who have taught her much about the human experience. This new challenge provided another avenue to "dig deep" and further explore the complexities of relationships and her own sense of how far she can stretch herself. She is grateful for the opportunity.

  • Jay C. Reddic portraying Kevin and Jack.

    Jay C. Reddic as Kevin / Jack.

    Jay is an aspiring actor in the making from Rancho Cordova, California. He graduated from California State University, Sacramento, where he played collegiate football, and earned a B.A. in Psychology.

    His interest in acting began as early as junior high school, fully pursuing it in his last semester of college. Jay is very optimistic with a buffoonery-like spirit. He is a blessed individual with God given talent that believes whole-heartily in all his capabilities and ambitious avidity.

    The Producer will be one of two films he will be premiered in for the first time in his anticipated acting career for a "Place Called Sacramento" featured short films. His future plans are to perfect his craft and eventually relocate to Los Angeles, California to increase his acting opportunism.

  • Briahna Carter.

    Briahna Carter as Diane.

    Briahna was born in Sacramento, California and grew up in Elk Grove. Her love of acting began at age 13 when she did a summer theater workshop at the B Street Theater. Since then she has been in a few plays- her most memorable stage role being that of Balthasar in Cosumnes Oaks High School’s steam-punk version of Romeo and Juliet. Her real passion for acting, however, began when she landed a role as one of the mean girls in Dänna Wilberg’s “The Push.” It was very different from acting on stage, and the thought of appearing on screen was exhilarating. She is very thrilled to be working alongside Dänna again for “The Producer.” Briahna is in another 2012 PCS film “Restitution.”

  • G August K.

    G August K as Robed Man.

    G August K is an aspiring actor from the Sacramento area who was scouted by Dänna Wilberg. He has played various roles in local shorts including “The Push” and “Little Thieves.” He has also appeared in two of Bryan Martin’s movies. G August K's most notable role to date is his portrayal of Jesus Christ in National Geographic’s “The Search for the Head of John the Baptist.”

    The Producer will be G August K’s third acting role in a short for the PCS Film Festival, and for writer/producer Dänna Wilberg. Keep an eye open for this up-and-coming actor, he shows great promise!

  • Sister Mary Augustine O'Conner.

    Sister Mary Augustine O'Conner

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